Bowling With Bowen

Micheal Arrieta

Photo | Maribel Gonzales

Bowling with Bowen is an event that the Student Activities Board puts on annually. The event takes place at Strikers Bowling alley, in which Dr. Robert Bowen, the president of the university, and Dr. Keegan Nichols, the vice president, make appearances.

“It is one of our longest-standing events that are typical to the fall semester,” said Madison Starks, the signature events chair of SAB.

Students who signed up through the Presence link received a free game and a chance to win a bowling pin signed by Dr. Bowen and Dr. Nichols. The point of the event, according to Starks, is to get a chance to mingle with our University President and hang out with friends.

The signed bowling pin was won by creative writing major Hannah Cates, who is from Oklahoma City.

As for Bowen, she does not bowl. “When I was small- six or seven, I went to a bowling alley with my brother and older cousins; they were 12 to 15. Whenever we began, this was the first time I had ever bowled, and I did not know how to throw the ball. The owner came up to me and asked me not to bowl because they just had the floors redone. I was so traumatized I did not bowl again until I was 30.”

She continues, expressing that her favorite part about this event is getting together with the students and talking to them.

“I want students to feel comfortable in a situation with Dr. Bowen and Dr. Nichols, [so] you know our administrators are there to have fun with our students,” elaborated Starks.

SAB has three more events left in the semester. This includes a game show, Cookies, and cocoa- which will also be a movie night and reading day messages. These will all take place in the Student Union.