‘FLE’ For You and Me

FLE Photo

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The Freshman Leadership Experience (FLE) program at Tech is a starting point for students seeking to gain and increase their leadership skills. It also encourages connections with students that share that interest.

“We wanted students to learn new skills,” Megan Bell, coordinator of civic and community engagement and leadership development, said. “We also want them to apply what they learn to real-life scenarios.”

Recently six students from the program went for a hike at Petit Jean State Park to see Cedar Falls. This is the most popular trail the park has; it is 1.7 miles long and features a 95-foot waterfall.

“We are the facilitators who help the group, but it was really a hands-on opportunity for the students. They engaged with each other and got insight from past campus leaders while having fun,” Bell said.

Gilbert Arizaga and McKenzie Blanchard worked alongside Bell and served as program facilitators.

Nia Jones, a participant in the program, reflected on the event and her journey with FLE.

“[I] discovered skills that will allow me to make better connections and better myself so that, in return, I can help those around me in a more substantial way.”

For students who are interested in the FLE, there is an application on Thelink.


*Editors Note: Nia Jones’ quote came from an ATU press release.