Hell of a Vacation III

Hell of a Vacation Graphic

PHOTO | Hannah Cates

Previously… The girls investigated ominous scratching noises coming from the door…

“You know what?  Let’s just forget it and enjoy the vacation!”

Krystal exclaimed.

“Yeah… we can do that,”

Tamryn said as she took a deep breath.  The girls finished unpacking for their stay and went on like nothing had happened.  They went to sleep and woke up the next morning excited about their planned tourist adventures.

Tamryn woke up first and got ready while her sister slept.  She ordered breakfast to the room, and right before it made its way up, she woke Krystal.  “What time is it, Tamryn?  We set alarms for a reason.”  Krystal said, slowly opening her eyes as she yawned.

*knock knock knock*.

“Breakfast is here!”

“Tamryn, I was talking to you.”

“Yes, I know; I also know your alarms went off three times which you slept through, I also know that you’re cranky when someone wakes you up, and I also know that breakfast is here, and I want to leave this hotel room before something else creepy happens.”


To Be Continued…