Hell of a Vacation VIII

Graphic of a Mountain

GRAPHIC | Johnan Mitchell

Previously… The girls returned to the hotel, and Tamryn asked her sister if she was messing with ‘Jakob.’ At the café.’

“No, Tam, I wasn’t… You didn’t see it?”

“No, Krystal, I didn’t; I have no clue what you’re talking about.”

“I need to find him. Now.”

Krystal grabbed her stuff and quickly made her way down to the lobby. “Hey, that guy from earlier today, I think his name is Jakob or something; he’s got a mountain tattoo and dark hair, tall, definitely mysterious. Have you seen him?” Krystal said rapidly to the receptionist.

“Woah woah woah, slow down, sweetheart, what’s going on.”

Krystal became flustered and ran out the door looking. Jakob was walking toward the hotel as she left. “JAKOB!” She yelled down the street; she picked up her feet and ran as fast as she could; she finally caught up to him. “Jakob… I need… your help… I need… to know…”. All of a sudden, her vision went black… “Mi glutos vian animon, Mi glutos vian animon, Mi glutos vian animon” Jakobs face appeared in the blackness of her vision as the phrase repeatedly flashed in her mind. Something was wrong, something was very, very wrong….


*This is a work of fiction.