HWC Encourages Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships Flyer

PHOTO | Olivia Orr

The Health and Wellness Center tabled Feb. 13-17 in order to bring attention to its services and inform students of the importance of healthy relationships.

Luke Martin, a social studies education major from Hot Springs, is a peer health advocate and applied for the job to help other students.

“I’ve always wanted a job that could help people, so I thought it would be cool to give back to the community here at Tech,” Martin said.

Part of the job includes tabling and reaching out to students on campus.

“What tabling is, is it lets you know who we are, but also lets you know what services we provide. If you ever see us tabling, we usually carry pamphlets, and we’ll talk to people,” Martin said. “It lets people know that this Is what the Health and Wellness Center provides, and you can be comfortable with us; you can know us on a first-name basis.”

The Health and Wellness Center prioritizes informing and helping students on the subject of healthy relationships. That is something Martin says is important to stress, especially since many people aren’t educated on the issue.

“It’s important to talk about these things because who wants to be in a bad relationship? Why would you want to see someone in a relationship you know could harm that person? Many people get trapped in relationships that they don’t want to be in, but they feel like there’s no way out, or they were never taught things such as consent, boundaries and communication.” Martin said.

“They were never really taught what that means, so they don’t know about healthy boundaries and communication. So, we at the Health and Wellness Center try to stress that. You can talk to us about these things, and we can help you.”

The Health and Wellness Center also provides health and counseling services, as well as groups such as nursing support, green and gold walking and jogging, social skills and suicide bereavement.