Matcha and chai tastes like overpowered grass

Do you ever do something knowing you will not like the outcome, but you do it anyway? That is what I did with my drink review this week. As soon as I saw this drink trending on Tik Tok, I knew I would absolutely hate it, which is exactly why I needed to try it.

To order this drink, ask for a tall, iced matcha latte with any milk of your choice—I went with almond milk. Then, ask for two added pumps of chai. This drink is pricy for the size, coming out to about $6 with the extra charge for the dairy-free milk and chai.

I will be giving this drink a four out of 10, and to me that is generous. I have never been a fan of matcha. To me, it tastes like drinking grass straight from the ground, which is something I do not think many people would enjoy. It is definitely an acquired taste, in my opinion.

On the other end of the spectrum, I absolutely love chai tea lattes. I hoped that it would be the saving grace of this drink, but it did not come through. I am sure this drink is enjoyed by matcha lovers everywhere, but even the delicious chai cannot save this one for me.