Rapping about reality and raising awareness

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II shows true grit. He escaped a toxic environment and became the one and only producer, songwriter and rapper known as Logic. He has an African American father and a Caucasian mother.

He came from Gaithersburg, Maryland and from a home that included alcohol, drugs and poverty in his childhood, which is heavily reference in his music. Despite coming from this background, he did not let it run the rest of his life.

Fortunately, he was able to make it out of that environment and went with his passion of rap. He started performing opening acts for other music artists back in 2009 under the stage name Psychological, which is also the name that he was under for his first unofficial album, “Psychological-Logic: The Mixtape.” In the song, “A Third Person Story,” Logic goes over a bit of his life before his career actually started to fly.

His first official album, “Young, Broke, & Infamous,” was released on Dec. 15, 2010, according to thefamouspeople.com. Welcomed with success, Logic was able to sign a deal with the Visionary Music Group.

The album does give credit to Logic’s skills as a rapper. In his song “Sellin’ Drugs,” he conveys what others said to him about how his music wouldn’t be able to make him millions. Obviously proving them wrong, he released a second album called “Young Sinatra” in 2011.

“Young Sinatra I” is the first of a soon-to-be quadrilogy series of albums, with the fourth one to be released Friday, Sept. 28, under the name “Young Sinatra IV.”

These albums are more set on his personal life. The song “Mind of Logic,” featuring Camille Michelle Gray, introduced what Logic’s focus is and brings out his passion to listeners.

Logic is a very enthusiastic musician and does believe in change. In 2017, he released the album “Everybody” that conveys his feelings toward what he wants for others. One of the songs, “1-800-273-8255,” featuring Alessia Cara and Khalid, raises awareness of the impact of suicide and is titled is after the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number.

Logic’s “The Bobby Tarantino vs Everybody” tour will concluded on Saturday, Sept. 22. Within the same week, Logic has announced that his next album, “Young Sinatra IV,” will be his last physical album released for a time.