Rockin’ Into Homecoming

Becca Hargrove with Alpha Sigma Tau at Mock Rock

Photo | Tennyson Douglass

Dancing, lip-syncing, and flashy clothes took center stage during Mock Rock Oct. 20 at Tucker Coliseum.

Mock Rock is an annual event held to raise money for charity where a fraternity and sorority hold a dance battle competing against other fraternities and sororities. This year two teams were made up of Sigma Phi Epsilon and Alpha Sigma Tau members against members from Pi Kappa Alpha and Zeta Tau Alpha.

Jeremy Tharp of Sigma Phi Epsilon said, “I’m excited to show off our group’s dance that we’ve been practicing for weeks.”

Sigma Phi Epsilon and Alpha Sigma Tau came out with a men versus women style of dance of old classics with the group wearing a mix of hip hop and country themed clothing. After the performance Tharp said, “Can’t do much else but that; it’s in the judges’ hands now.”

Pi Kappa Alpha and Zeta Tau Alpha followed up the performance wearing matching uniforms with more hip-hop classics that saw the men and women swapping places each song. Between each performance, members from the crowd would be called out to the basketball court to compete in a lighthearted show of dance skills.

After a brief intermission two trophies could be won between the two groups. The first was the crowd favorite which was decided by which group received the most donations based on their performance. Sigma Phi Epsilon and Alpha Sigma Tau came out on top receiving more donations than the other group.

With a drumroll from the crowd, the final decision came down to a panel of Tech faculty. Pi Kappa Alpha and Zeta Tau Alpha were able to walk away with the Mock Rock 2021 trophy.