Small Town Nightmares Part II

GRAPHIC | Johnan Mitchell

Previously… Arkala went from a town no one had ever heard about to a town the entire state, and even the surrounding states were watching….

“Hey honey, where’s our daughter? She never sleeps in this late.” Marissa said to her husband; her hands began to shake, sweat formed at her hairline, and a vein was showing through on her forehead.

“I’ll go get her, take some deep breaths and sit down for a bit.” Her husband, Drake, replied with a low tone of voice, hoping to calm his wife down. He went upstairs to their daughter’s room; the quiet walk was very eerie as she was usually up playing games or something by now. The door slowly creaked open as he approached. Empty. The window was left slightly cracked, but her bed was made perfectly as if untouched—no signs of forced entry. Minutes later, the police showed up and investigated the now crime scene of the missing girl. Maelee Marsh’s face was everywhere. Everything in Arkala changed that night. The townspeople filled the Marsh’s porch with flowers, memories, candles, and crosses in hopes that Maelee would be found. The police questioned everyone in town, but all alibis checked out. Maelee’s case, however, wouldn’t be the last…