The Doctor and The Dragonborn I

Dragon Graphic

GRAPHIC | Tara Espinoza

As the sun rose from its nighty slumber, the city of Siewood started its morning routine. The baker opened his windows so that the freshly baked sweets could cool. The vendors manned their booths to await their morning customers.

A hooded figure strolled through the streets as the people placed their goods in their carts. The figure was taller than any of the Lord’s guards and twice as built. One vendor stopped the hooded figure,

“Sir or madam, may I interest you in some goods? They are imported from the capital city, Kovner.”

The figure turned to the elf revealing a muzzle and golden eyes.

The creature just looked at the elf without saying a word. Soon, the creature continued on its path toward its destination, a small potion shop tucked in between the tavern and blacksmith. A dwarf walked up to the stunned elf, stroking his beard,

“It seems you had the pleasure of meeting Embith. He’s not much of a talker, always goes to that potion shop run by the good doctor. Rumor has it that he and the good doctor are in some kind of relationship. Not for sure the nature of a relationship between a human and a Dragonborn, but it seems very odd that he travels there every morning.”

As if on cue, the figure turned, glaring at the dwarf and the elf,

“I suggest you keep those rumors to yourself before you cause more trouble than you need.”

His voice was coarse and deep as he spoke. The two bystanders soon left to man their carts, and Embith continued on his course to the shop.

This work of fiction to be continued.