The Health and Wellness Center

The Health and Wellness Center has made numerous updates for the semester, including new charges, a new practitioner and focusing more on women’s health and overall self-care.

Due to around 800 no-shows alone in the last academic year, the center decided to incorporate a $20 no-show fee for students. Director of Health Services Brandye Bisek said, “We’re essentially going to give you one free pass in an academic year. If you’ve scheduled an appointment, something happened, all you have to do is call.” Calling is recommended, but the center will still excuse the first time missed without warning. The second time, however, a student will be charged with a $20 fee.

As for other charges, the center has gone up a few dollars on the tuberculosis skin test and immunizations that are offered. These were only done to cover the cost the center is paying for them. A new nurse practitioner has also been added. Kyle Wewers is a family care nurse practitioner who will be able to take care of almost everything, excluding women’s health. Wewers will exclusively take care of men’s health instead. Women’s health care is being prioritized, with more opportunities being offered for females to access birth control, pap smears and breast examinations. These will be held on alternating Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s of each week, in order to fit students’ schedules. The Health and Wellness Center does offer birth control pills as well as the patch. However, the center does not provide implants such as the IUD or Depo-Provera shot. STD testing can be done on these days as well.

The center is now offering a new service called a Biofeedback Lab. The lab is a relaxation zone that students will be free to use.

Essential oils, yoga mats and a monitor to regulate breathing are all included through the lab. Throughout the semester, the center will be holding orientations to the Biofeedback Lab, which will be an introduction on not only how to use the lab but how to deal with stress management. Lab orientations for September will be on the 6 and 20. Biofeedback Lab Orientations are On Track events.

Students can also directly email nurses a quick question or a concern without having to schedule an appointment by clicking the new “Ask the Nurse” link on If needed, appointments run from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m Monday through Friday and can be scheduled using For any other information, students can call (479) 968-0329.