Baz Searching for Help

BazTech Entrance

The world is slowly finding life outside of COVID-19. However, many businesses on and off-campus are still struggling. One of the main businesses on campus is BazTech.

Every day students flood the building to grab food, visit with friends, or study, but recent staff shortages, like those experienced at many restaurants around town, have caused some difficulties. Now BazTech and other campus resource providers, operated by Chartwells, are hiring student workers.

“Working at Chartwells will give the students a fantastic opportunity to earn some extra cash while attending school,” Amila Ramanayake, senior director of dining services, said.

“Most of our student workers enjoy getting to meet new, exciting fellow students daily. We offer fantastic benefits and opportunities for career advancements,” she said.

“I’m very proud of our company, Compass Group, North America Division, for receiving the title of ‘2021 Best Employer for Women by Forbes’ and ‘2021 Best Employer for New Graduates by Forbes’ for the second time,” Ramanayake said

“We are a very diverse group of people here at Chartwells, tightly knit and part of a great team.”

In addition to BazTech, Chartwells operates other retail locations on campus, including the Smoothie Bar at Hull, Starbucks at Brown, Docs Place at Doc Bryan, and the Dine and Connect at Chambers Dining Hall.

Working with the students’ classes, they have positions open for all hours of the day and on weekends, Ramanayake said.

“We would love it if students could apply. We will keep encouraging students to apply and to join our ATU Eats team. It can be fast-paced, but it is very fulfilling and rewarding at the end of the day,” Ramanayake said. To apply for jobs, visit or the app Dine on Campus.