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Letters to You Album Cover

Photo | Letters to You Album Cover | Multitudes

The fall season coming closer does not mean we have to give up on all our summertime fun. Multitudes, a local emo band, have officially put out their EP titled “Letters to You,” released in September 2020. 

 I managed to get an exclusive interview with one of the members and an admirable student at Tech, Frances Blankenship. Blankenship states that the name behind the name of the band is exactly what it is, each of the members coming together from different experiences and backgrounds.

 The band consists of four members, Frances Blankenship and Jason Victory on guitar, Tyler Massey on Drums, and Jon Coyle on vocals. They have been together as a band since 2019 and started with doing local shows in Greenwood, Arkansas.

Their first and only album will go on their EP. “ Originally, the EP was going to be titled ‘Everything and Anything,’” Blankenship said.“We decided to change the title to ‘Letters to You’ since those lyrics are in the song ‘Heaven in Alyssum’ and it seems every song is a letter to someone you miss.”  

Only consisting of five songs, the EP does not disappoint and shows off their musical influences, such as My Chemical Romance and Three Days Grace. I won’t spoil the amazing surprises in store for you, but their song “Unicorn kid” is something seriously unforgettable. I hope to hear more from the band that Blankenship hopes will last for a long time. They can be found on Spotify, iTunes, and Youtube