Be True to Your School

Ross Pendergraft Library

PHOTO | Tara Espinoza

It is easy for students to fall into the habit of complaining about the school we attend. Sometimes it seems like the flaws of our college are unavoidable and overwhelmingly numerous. We often spend time pointing out the changes that Arkansas Tech needs to make. However, the Arka Tech Editorial Board believes it is important to give recognition to the good things about Tech too. 

Tech possesses many positive things, and many reasons why we attend school here. It is true that tuition at Tech is less expensive than other four-year colleges in Arkansas, with the University of Central Arkansas and the University of Arkansas being close to 2,000 dollars more. This is advantageous for many students.

At Arkansas Tech the lower price does not mean lower quality. As part of its 2022 assessment, World Report and U.S. News ranked Tech as the number one choice among regional public universities in Arkansas. Tech has seen rising graduation rates over the last year, with its nursing program receiving particular praise. Tech also offers a wide variety of degrees, with its parks and recreation degree being one of few in the United States. 

In addition to this, Tech has a great student-to-faculty ratio of 18:1. This allows for closer relationships between students and instructors which is more beneficial for a student’s education. The Arka Tech editorial board also believes that Tech has quality faculty members. We agree that a majority of the instructors are friendly, responsible and overall good teachers. We also give recognition to the rest of Arkansas Tech staff who work hard to accommodate the needs of the students on campus.

Arkansas Tech also offers many extracurricular activities for students to get involved in. There are many student organizations on campus, from the Arka Tech itself to the Student Activities Board and much more. Tech has several athletics teams, with the student-athletes recently winning a national service award. These organizations make up the community that is Arkansas Tech. Tech is a small and beautiful campus, renowned for its trees and wildlife. We also agree that the student body is one of unity and kindness. 

Overall, Arka Tech believes in the importance of positivity. We believe it is important to not take everything for granted, and appreciate the many good things about attending Arkansas Tech University.