Small Town Nightmares Part I

Missing Person Graphic

GRAPHIC | Tara Espinoza

*Editors note: This is a work of Fiction

Posters hung around the town of missing children. The city was in a state of distress as no one could understand why so many kids were going missing so quickly. Two or three every night ripped from their beds at 2:47A a.m. on the dot. The town sheriff was working 24 hours a day, getting naps between trying to figure out how this was happening. Everyone in town had an alibi that checked out accordingly. The town was running low on children, and the parents who still had their kids were packing up and leaving out of fear. The first woman whose kid went missing hasn’t left her house or spoken since she ran to the sheriff’s office to tell them her only child was missing. News reporters from across the state were coming to catch a glimpse of what was going on in this small town. They said nothing bad ever happens here; what could be happening, they wondered. Arkala went from a town no one had ever heard about to a town the entire state, and even the surrounding states were watching….