Scholarships Offered for Vaccinated Students

A Vaccination Being Prepared

Photo | Madison VanderKooi

The Arkansas Tech Health and Wellness Center is offering a financial incentive for students who receive a COVID-19 vaccine or booster during this semester.

The Health and Wellness Center received a grant through the American College Health Association that will fund these scholarships. These three scholarships will award $1,000 to vaccinated students. The scholarships will be received after spring break and will go towards the student’s balance for the current semester.

The Health and Wellness Center received this grant in the Fall 2021 semester, which was used to buy t-shirts to incentivize students. They hope that the scholarships will help encourage more people to get their vaccine this semester.

The main reason that more students have started to get the vaccine is the change in the CDC guidelines for quarantining, which state that if you are up to date on vaccines then you do not have to quarantine. The Health and Wellness center hopes that the scholarship incentive will further encourage the students who have been on the fence to get the vaccine and booster.

Students who are up to date on their vaccines this semester can go to the Health and Wellness center and fill out the survey to be entered in the scholarship drawing. Vaccinated students can also get a free t-shirt if they are up to date.

For additional information, visit the Health and Wellness Center Instagram @atustudentwellness, Facebook or Twitter @ATUStuWellness.