Boy! What a Wonder!

Wonder Boys Baseball

PHOTO | Olivia Orr

March 4-5, the Wonder Boys went on a three-game streak against Henderson State. They took two wins on Saturday before beating Henderson again on Sunday.

Tech was slow to get a run on the board in their first game but scored one run in the fourth inning, following Henderson scoring two runs in the third inning. Both teams picked up speed in the sixth inning, as Henderson and Tech scored four runs, putting the score at 6-5. Tech would make a comeback in the seventh inning, granting the Wonder Boys a 9-6 win.

The Wonder Boys started strong in the second game, scoring two runs in the first inning and an additional eight runs in the second inning. Tech only allowed Henderson to score one run in the second inning. Henderson put five more runs on the board throughout the game to try to lessen the losing gap, but two more runs from Tech and strong defense left Henderson behind.

Tech started in a tight spot in the final game, as Henderson scored 12 runs in the first two innings, while the Wonder Boys remained with no runs. A successful 10-run inning helped Tech tighten the game, 13-12, Henderson still pulling ahead. Tech kept their momentum, scoring four runs in the fifth inning, two in the sixth and an impressive eight runs in the final inning. Henderson only managed to put two more runs on the board, giving the Wonder Boys a 26-15 victory and an impressive comeback.