Coming Home

REnew Campus Leader

PHOTO | Beau Foster

You always find your way back home. Such is the case for Grayson Taylor, the new leader at the REnew Campus Ministry.

West Side Church of Christ, REnew’s sponsor congregation, hired Taylor this summer to revamp its campus ministry. After interviewing several candidates, the church elders elected to hire someone familiar with the college.

Taylor grew up in Russellville and attended the services at West Side Church of Christ. At Arkansas Tech, he was an active part of the campus ministry.

“I think it’s important to me because it’s a part of my history,” Taylor said. “It’s what gave my life purpose and meaning. It’s where I found my faith.”

After several years in Springdale and Paragould, Taylor is back to return the favor. He said he hopes to establish close relationships with the students. He plans on meeting with a different student every day.

“I want to create a space where students can feel safe and vulnerable. My number one goal is that God moves and Jesus changes lives on this campus.”

Taylor has implemented several changes at REnew, but he says that the midweek service continues to be the capstone event. Each Wednesday night, students meet in the campus house living room for games, worship, and a lesson.

Mark Bowers, an agriculture business major from Morrilton, is one of the regular attendees.

“I love that Grayson is getting involved with the students and the new home-style church he has implemented,” Bowers said.

Besides midweek, Taylor has several events planned for this semester. He looks forward to small group meetings, noon meals and a fall retreat later this month.

The ministry is located at 209 W. L. St.

For more information about REnew, students can visit the ministry’s website at