Decade of Giving Back

Student Volenteering for Green and Gold

PHOTO | Olivia Orr

Tech’s 10th year of holding its Green and Gold Give Back will take place on Nov. 5.

The event is Tech’s largest day of community service and provides an opportunity for Tech students to serve outside of campus.

Megan Bell, coordinator of civic and community engagement and leadership development in the Tech Department of Campus Life, says that around 100 students each year go to 20 to 40 sites or locations.

“They either go to someone’s house and rake their leaves because they’re not able to, or sometimes we go out to Lake Dardanelle, and they have projects for students to do,” Bell said.

Bell said that being involved in a day like Green and Gold Give Back doesn’t just benefit the people and places being served, but the students participating as well.

“It gives you a different perspective on giving back,” Bell said. “You look at the amount of people who are given back and all the people being happy, and it makes an impact on you. It impacts students in the way that they want to give back, it’s not that they need to.”

Of the dozens of students who participate in Green and Gold Give Back, Bell says that athletes and Greek life make up a large percentage of the volunteers.

Hector Sirit, finance major from Maracaibo, Venezuela, is the president of PIKE and participated in Green and Gold Give back in 2021. He and everyone else from PIKE is planning on giving back again this year.

“We’re looking forward to it,” Sirit said. “We like giving back to the community as much as they give to us.”

Sirit said that he appreciates the opportunity to help the community.

“Every time I do community service it’s my way of making an impact outside of campus,” Sirit said. “I really enjoy making someone’s life a little bit easier.”

For anyone considering participating in Green and Gold Give Back, Sirit strongly recommends being involved.

“Any type of community service you have the opportunity to participate in, do it,” Sirit said. “It’s rewarding and you develop a lot of skills.”