Everything Everywhere All at Once

Michelle Yeoh Cannes

PHOTO | Creative Commons

Released in March 2022, the movie “Everything, Everywhere, All At Once” is a motion picture with moments of snotty tears, laughter, and lingering emotions. Sometimes all at once.

I went to watch this movie with my cousin, but we missed the first few minutes of the film because we underestimated the traffic. Even if we had sat down as soon as the movie started, we still wouldn’t have been prepared for what would be thrown at us.

I had gone into this movie not knowing what it could be about — other than the fact that Michelle Yeoh showcases some of her martial arts skills. The trailer did a great job of including many important aspects of the movie, yet the concept confuses the viewer enough to want to find out for themselves. Trust me, the circular motifs and googly eyes will make sense once you see them yourself.

Everything about this movie is encaptivating. There isn’t a single moment where the viewer is left yawning. The slower-paced scenes become more intriguing when there are chaotic, motion sickness-inducing montages of the characters jumping through universes.

A24 never fails to construct a cinematic masterpiece with a storyline that pulls emotion out of the viewer. “Everything, Everywhere, All At Once” depicts the misunderstandings, the strain, and the struggles between an immigrant mother and daughter born from her parents’ love and courageousness. Mixed with intense fight scenes and absurdist humor, the movie utilizes both elements to make the tough conversations more heart-wrenching.

Experience the movie yourself, even if you don’t identify with the queer or first-generation Asian-American struggles. “Everything, Everywhere, All At Once” is a movie anyone can enjoy. The cinematic masterpiece, paired with the exceptional, raw acting, is truly what makes the film feel genuine and accurate to those who relate to the characters.

The film took home seven Oscars at the 95th Academy Awards. It includes best picture, director, original screenplay, lead actress, supporting actress, supporting actor, and editing.