Farewell Until August

Arka Tech Staff

PHOTO | Arka Tech Staff

From the Editors,

Our names are Tara Espinoza and Johnan Mitchell; you have probably seen us taking photos, getting interviews, or promoting the newspaper around campus. 

This year was an exciting year for both of us because it was our first year being editors of The Arka Tech! It came with many challenges like late nights, missed deadlines and wondering if we would have enough content for the paper. 

The Arka Tech is the only student-led media organization that puts out content weekly. 

However, with the challenges came success. We had more original content, we added a radio show and expanded our social media. We also had new content like short stories, poems and sports features. 

We could have never reached the success we have had this year without our team. Simply put, thank you for all your hard work and dedication. If not for you, we would not exist. 

Thanks to the work of our team, we received 21 awards this year from the Arkansas Collegiate Media Association.

Writing about the newspaper would not be appropriate without mentioning our faculty advisor, Tommy Mumert.  When we were named editors, neither knew the time, effort, and energy required. We made AP style mistakes, forgot commas, and asked many questions. 

Tommy was there for us through it all. He took every phone call, answered all our questions and showed us what good journalism should be. Most importantly, he has kept journalism alive at Tech. 

We would also like to thank the students, faculty, and staff who picked up the newspaper, browsed our website, liked our posts, or listened to the radio show.  

Since this is the last paper of the semester, we wanted to reflect on our experiences and thank those who have supported us and allowed us to do the job we love. 

This is not goodbye. We will be seeing you again in August.