Keep accounts safe through Duo


Due to a recent uptick in phishing attacks here at Arkansas Tech University, the Department of Office of Information Systems has been working to educate students, faculty and staff of the increasingly sophisticated tactics that cyber attackers use to gain personal information.

One of the ways hackers are prevented from accessing an account is through multi factor authentication. Having a second form of account verification is a cyber security industry standard. At ATU, the multifactor authentication used is Duo. 

Every time you request access by logging in, you will either approve the push notification through the app or type in a one-time code from the app or a text message. Some attackers will try to ask you for your code alongside asking for your username and password so that they can verify themselves when accessing your account. 

Only input your Duo code in the Duo prompt when logging in. You will never need to verify your account by putting your Duo code into any other application. 

Only approve a Duo push you requested.  If you receive a push you didn’t request, it’s likely your account has been compromised. If this happens, consider changing your password. 

If you receive a suspicious email or text, report it to Campus Support immediately. That way, Campus Support can make sure not only you are not affected, but other people are not phished either. You can report an email as phishing in your Outlook inbox. However that does not notify Campus Support, it only flags it for review for Microsoft and Campus Support will not see it if that is the only action you take.

To report phishing to the Campus Support Center, call 479-968-0646, visit the library at room 150, or forward the phishing attack to Don’t take the bait. Thank you for your help keeping ATU cyber safe.