FBLA Supporting Student-Owned Business

FBLA Stand

PHOTO | Margarita Lopez

Arkansas Tech FBLA Collegiate collaborated with Main Street Russellville during the Main Street Art Walk on Friday, March 3.

This is the second time FBLA has hosted its student-owned business event with the help of Main Street Russellville. The vendors who participated in the event had to pay a $20 booth fee. The fee collected is to help FBLA members attend nationals. The businesses that signed up to be part of the event were Loose Threads, Fashion Lain, Fruity Hoops, You’re A Peach, Singulivity, The Peel Paper Co., Sunny Made Studio, Simply Autumn, Phoebe’s Art Creations and Thrifted by Star.

Star Douangchanh, majoring in computer science and owner of Thrifted By Star, was one of the returning vendors from the last student-owned business event on Dec. 9.  Douangchanh said that FBLA President, Olivia Johnson reached out to her and asked if she would be interested in being part of this event.

“I thought it would be a fun experience,” Douangchanh said.

Johnson, a digital marketing major, joined Future Business Leaders of America during seventh grade.

“Whenever we started FBLA Collegiate last spring, it was obvious that I had to join because I was already so involved. It’s always been a part of my life so I wanted to continue being part of it,” Johnson said. The collaboration with Main Street Russellville and support of student-owned businesses was Johnson’s idea.

“I was talking to Danielle Housenick, who’s the coordinator for Main Street Russellville. We got to talking and one of her goals this year is to get more connected with Tech students. So I threw out the idea I’ve been wanting to do student-owned business fair for years. I have one and I know so many friends who have one,” Johnson said.

A student-owned business event will be organized every semester by FBLA, according to Johnson.

For more information about FBLA, email ojohnson9@atu.edu.