Hell of a Vacation Part X

Holding Hands Graphic

GRAPHIC | Johnan Mitchell

*All short stories are a work of fiction


Previously… She yelled but got no response back; all she could hear was the chants of whatever it was Jakob had managed to fight off…


‘What am I supposed to do?’ Krystal thought; the voices all around her continued, driving her more and more insane.

Back in the hospital, Jakob walked into Krystal’s room; Tamryn was still sitting by her bedside. “Tamryn. I need a moment with our sister.” Jakob said; she turned around, her face filled with anger. “OUR SISTER?!” She yelled, “You’re the reason she’s in this mess! The moment she saw you, things got weird. She is NOT your sister; we don’t even know you! GET OUT,”

“Look, I understand how this all sounds, but there’s a lot you don’t know. I will explain everything as soon as she gets through this, but she needs someone like her to hold her hand right now. I’m sorry, but I need you to leave.” Jakob responded calmly. Tamryn complied and left the room, leaving Jakob alone with Krystal. “Come on, Krys, you can do this,” He whispered to her as he sat down next to her and grabbed her hand with both of his. Her eyes twitched, and Jakob squeezed her hand tighter.

“You cannot control me, DEMON!” Krystal yelled as her head began to burn. She struggled to stay standing, but something kept telling her to keep pushing. “GET OUT OF MY HEAD.” The voices got closer and closer. “STOP IT.” Louder and louder, mi glutos vian animon. “NO.” all of a sudden, everything stopped.