Have You Heard the Buzz about Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana is legal in Arkansas, and soon there will be a medical marijuana dispensary in Russellville, but what does that mean for ATU students?

According to the Chief of Public Safety Joshua McMillian, medical marijuana is considered a prescription medication with some exceptions. McMillian advises students to read the law and be aware of any exceptions.

“You might not know the specifics of the law, but you are responsible for what that law says. Ignorance of the law doesn’t mean you are not guilty,” said McMillian. “Know what you can and can’t do with it to make sure you are within the parameters you are supposed to be in.”

Marijuana of any kind, medical or recreational, is not allowed on public university campuses in Arkansas. There are other locations where medical marijuana is not allowed that cardholders must be aware of.

McMillian advises students to live off-campus if they possess a medical marijuana card for medical reasons. “If you are going to operate a motor vehicle or drive under the influence of marijuana, even if you have a medical marijuana card doesn’t make it legal to operate a motor vehicle in an impairment state,” said McMillian.

Be aware of the possible side effects of medical marijuana and know your limits to remain safe.

“The only difference between this and the prescription is you’ve got to have an ID card that says you can have it because it is marijuana,” said McMillian.

McMillian suggests after receiving prescribed medical marijuana from a dispensary is to take it straight to your place of residence to properly store it immediately. This practice will help avoid any unnecessary hassles.

“If you are on university property and you get caught with marijuana, you can do a criminal process or the officer can do a student conduct process,” said McMillian. Going through the student conduct process means the incident will not get put on our permanent record but could result in consequences such as a fine, an educational sanction, loss of housing, suspension or immediate dismissal from the school. The criminal process would require the student to go through the justice system and possibly face possession of marijuana charges.

“If you have any questions, our door is always open at public safety so feel free to call us or give us a ring, and we are more than happy to help you with whatever you need,” said McMillian