Living with Roommate who…

Has a significant other:

One of the most sensitive situations with a roommate can be their boyfriend or girlfriend. If you or your roommate is in a long-term relationship, there is certain etiquette that should be followed to ensure that three doesn’t become a crowd.

First of all, be open about your relationships, and ask your roommate to do the same. If your roommate’s girlfriend or boyfriend is becoming a problem early on, sit down and have a chat. Even if you and your roomie are currently single, there’s still a chance a relationship could develop – so it’s good to be open and honest before an issue is even on the horizon.

After the discussion has been completed, set some ground rules. Your roommate may think it’s silly at first, but this is a great way to hold each other accountable. It’s good to get ahead – so consider all possible arguments, and have a plan in place in case they arise.

Remember to be positive and stay open-minded. It’s important to remember that your roommate found a loving partner, and that’s a good thing. If this person is staying overnight, your roommate is probably pretty happy with the situation. It’s important to put this into perspective: Even if you don’t get along with your roomie’s partner, you should be happy that your friend has found a special person. With that in mind, remember that it is your room, too. If boundaries are not respected, ask a friend to step in as a mediator. If problems persist, you may need to contact your Resident Assistant for help. It’s your RA’s job to help with problems like these so be sure to utilize them.

Don’t forget: Your friends’ significant others can become your own lifelong friends. With some reasonable boundaries and a good attitude, you can turn a potentially disagreeable situation into an opportunity for happiness and friendship.