Hell of a Vacation II

Cracked Open Door

PHOTO | Hannah Cates

Previously after Krystal scared Tamryn, the girls heard scratching at the door.


“What was that?” Tamryn said, “are you messing with me again?”

“I know better than to mess with you twice in a row… I don’t know what that was.”

Krystal approached the door, one foot in front of the other, sweat forming on her forehead.  She opened the door slowly; it creaked loudly as though it knew she was trying to be sneaky.  There was nothing there.

except new scratch marks on the outside.

“Those weren’t there before, were they?”  Krystal questioned, opening the door further so Tamryn could see.

“Not, we would’ve noticed; maybe a cat or something came by,”  Tamryn answered, her voice cracked, still nervous from what she had just experienced…

*This work of fiction to be continued.