Living with roommate…

For the first time:

Whether you were an only child or just never had to share, living with a roommate for the first time can be quite the experience.

Always try and enter roommate situations with an open mind. Having a roommate in college is supposed to be fun, so make the most of it.

Know yourself. As a roommate, it’s important that you are conscious of your own living habits. Be aware of how you live before upholding roommate expectations.

Show consideration. Splitting a room down the middle with someone can put restrictions on different aspects of your life, but don’t take that personally. The room does belong to the both of you so consider any factors or decisions with your roommate in mind. To avoid arguments, establish boundaries that you both agree on so you can hold each other accountable.

Holding each other accountable is a great way to build a strong roomie team. If one of you takes out the trash one day, make sure the other person is doing it next time. If you notice your roommate has skipped class the past three days, ask if they are doing OK. Don’t try to be their mom, but showing that you care can go a long way.

Many roommate situations can be talked through. Communicate with each other like the adults you are becoming and things will surely work out.

Everyone is different. If you don’t mind being a little messy, and your roommate is tidy, that’s OK. If you like a clean space, but they don’t make their bed every day, that’s OK, too. College is stressful enough, so don’t worry about the little things.