Master class musician plays to rep ATU

Photo taken by Tara Espinoza.

On Sunday, Sept. 13, fifth-year senior David Hall performed in a master class hosted by the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Musicians. “This opportunity was presented to me by Dr. Perry, my trumpet professor. He just sent me a link to the application, and I submitted an audition video. When I got the email saying that I’d won a spot in the class, I was thrilled. I was really excited to get a chance to show off myself, for one, and also to show the quality of music we are making at Tech” Hall, said. 

Born in Cabot, Arkansas, Hall was in the seventh grade when he started playing the trumpet. After receiving good feedback during a band recruiting event, he decided music was his passion. Hall is working towards a music education major degree and gives credit to his high school and college professor.

 “My influences in music at the beginning were really my band directors and teachers at Cabot. They were really supportive and pushed me to be better. I really came to Tech because of my directors. Most of them are Tech Alumni and showed me what quality teaching looked like. I came here because this is where the people I respect the most went. In college, that role really goes to my trumpet professor Dr. Perry has pushed me to keep getting better for the past five years and will keep pushing until I graduate,” Hall said. 

A master class is a class taught by experts from that field of expertise Hall was coached by the Metropolitan Opera principal trumpet player, Billy Ray Hunter, Jr.

Hall played Légende (1906) by George Enescu. “I chose this piece because it is one of the best pieces written for the instrument and shows off many parts of the player’s ability. It is also one of the only trumpet standards in the Public Domain of copyrights law,” Hall says. 

His outside influences are his parents and grandparents, who have supported his dreams. Due to COVID, the masterclass was held online, even as the nervousness got to Hall, he played on. “I really wanted to do well for my own standards and reputation but also for the reputation of the school. I played well and got some great feedback from Mr. Hunter,” Hall said. 

He stated his favorite part of the process was the time between the notification email and the class itself. Hall put a lot of effort into the tiniest details of the music and focused on the preparation. After graduation, Hall plans to pursue a masters degree in trumpet performance; he doesn’t have a specific school yet but is looking forward to the opportunities that may come to him.