Miss Tech is Back!

Olivia Battles crowned during Miss Tech 2020

Photo | Tara Espinoza

The Miss Tech Competition was put on hiatus for two years because of COVID-19. The competition is back on campus this year and taking place in Witherspoon on Feb. 11.

The last Miss Tech took place in 2020, where then-freshman Olivia Battles was crowned; she recalls that time  “During the first month of my reign in 2020, we were sent home due to COVID. I didn’t feel like this would impact my experience as Miss Tech, but boy was I wrong. For a year, I had no events to go to, no new people to meet, no Miss Arkansas Competition, all of the things that come with being Miss Arkansas Tech were gone. I struggled and felt like my year was a waste. Soon, I found out I would be Miss Tech for another year, and all the things I missed would be back. I am so honored to have been the first person ever to hold the Miss Tech title for two years,” Battles said.

The Miss Tech Competition categories includes a sit-down interview, talent, on-stage interview and social impact/evening wear.  “This year will be different; we might be at half capacity, and masks will be a requirement, but I am ready to be back, and the women are excited. A lot of work goes into this, and at the end of the day, this is all about giving young ladies a chance to represent the school and earn a scholarship,” Jim Collins, Miss Tech executive director, said.

The rewards that come with the crown is a two-semester scholarship, gifts and the chance to compete in the 2022 Miss Arkansas competition.

Battles had a few words for the new candidates: “To the prospective contestants, have fun and enjoy every single phase of this competition. You will receive so many opportunities from it, and even if you don’t win, the experience itself is priceless. My whole life changed that night in so many ways, and it will for you too, so take in every moment.”

For more information about the Miss Tech Competition, email jcollins@atu.edu or follow @missarkansastech on Instagram.