Never Too Late to Get Involved

Never Too Late to Join

GRAPHIC | Tara Espinoza

The heart of the student body on any campus rests with its registered student organizations (RSOs). These organizations are where students join together, make relationships, and work on shared goals. They are essential to the cohesion of the student body and school spirit.

However, many organizations need help to stay afloat as spring semesters roll around. Senior officers are graduating and need someone to replace them. Fewer new members join. Old members drop out. Some clubs and organizations pull through. Some end up in the RSO graveyard.

This week The Arkatech would like to remind students that it is never too late to join a student organization. Sticking with a couple of organizations the whole time you are in school is easy. They are comfortable and familiar. You make friends and find your role. For others, it is easier not to join any organizations. By the time your last few semesters roll around, it feels like it’s too late to hop into a new club.

However, this could not be further from the truth. So many student organizations on campus would gladly welcome you, and new ones are popping up all the time. It is a great way to make new friends, network, and gain experience or knowledge you did not have before. Being a member for one or two semesters could be enough to make lifelong friends or resume-worthy experiences.

Joining a new club does not have to feel like a burden, either. We encourage students to put their health first and practice good time management. However, we also want to remove the stigma that being a part of an organization is a chore.

In truth, you have to find a club that works for you and your lifestyle. Not all clubs meet every week. Not all clubs perform giant projects or require you to donate money. You do not have to take on a leadership role either. You can simply be a member and enjoy the community.

If you want new opportunities, a big organization like Student Government or the Student Activities Board might be for you. Even Greek organizations recruit during the Spring and accept students no matter their college year. Additionally, many departments have their student organizations that can help you network and gain experience for your future career. These include the herpetology club, the Pre-Law society, and many more.

If you are just looking to make some friends or do something fun, joining a book club or an intramural sports team may be right for you. If you’re interested in activism, you may be interested in Spectrum, The Young Democrats, or the Do Something organization. If nothing on campus seems to fit your taste, then have the courage to start a new one! It is a lot easier than it may seem and could be a great experience. You may find that many students have the same interest as you.

Finally, we could not end this editorial without inviting you all to join our team here at The Arkatech. It is our 100th year as an RSO, and our senior officers would like to see the Newspaper continue into the future. We have a place for all kinds of students. Whether your passion is in photography, writing, web design, or social media, or you want your voice to be heard. You do not have to be a journalism or English major. We are a welcoming community that meets every Monday at 4:30 in RPL 332. Whether you join our organization or another, we hope you get the most out of your college experience and enjoy being a part of the Arkansas Tech student body.