New Cheer Coach at Tech

Jasmine Bruce, the New ATU Cheer Coach

Originally a graduate from the University of Arkansas, with a political science degree and a minor in criminology, Jasmine Bruce joins the Tech family as the head cheerleading coach and is working towards her masters in multimedia journalism.

“I am studying journalism because after cheering so long for sports like basketball or football, you learn to love and understand the sport on a deeper level. I have a very outgoing personality and would love to have a career as a sports anchor on the sidelines for pro sports teams one day,” Bruce said.

This year Tech’s cheer team has eighteen students.  “My number one goal is to make every student on this team feel and know they are important. I want them to have confidence in themselves and their ability to change the world in whatever capacity they want. The life skills I want them to obtain go far beyond just cheering,” Bruce said.

Bruce’s passion for cheerleading started when she was in the sixth grade and has continued to grow.  She has traveled to top-ranked gyms, was a National Cheer Association instructor and was a Razorback cheerleader.

“Being the head cheer coach at a university feels like more of a responsibility, in my opinion. This job has made me realize how much this sport truly means to me and its impact on young men and women,” Bruce said. “ It taught me that one coach could make you hate or love the sport you invest in, and it is my job to help these athletes continue to love the sport they have dedicated their lives to.”

Since coming to Tech, Bruce says her favorite part is working with the team.

“They are my kids and I love them like family now. They each bring something different to the table that makes this team so great, and they make me want to be the best coach I can be,” she said.

Anyone with questions about joining the spirit squad can email