Running for Ukraine

Josue Mendoza with his running shoes

PHOTO | Margarita Lopez

Josue Mendoza, a sophomore majoring in wellness and fitness from Russellville, is helping Ukraine by doing the 48 mile challenge. 

Mendoza ran cross country during high school. That love has stayed with him and he still enjoys it. Now with the current situation between Russia and Ukraine, Mendoza wanted to do something in order to help those being affected in Ukraine. 

Russia invaded Ukraine on Thursday Feb. 24. Many have been hurt, injured and the numbers of refugees have grown since. 

“The 48 mile challenge was started by a man named David Goggins, he’s a retired Navy SEAL and the whole point of the challenge is you run four miles every four hours for 48 hours and along with that you choose a fundraiser,” Mendoza said. 

This is the second year in which Mendoza takes part in the 48 mile challenge in which he will raise money with the help of the IMB’s disaster relief program Send Relief for those being affected in Ukraine. 

When he first decided to fundraise money, he exceeded his $50 goal by 35 dollars, raising $85 for his first run. 

According to Mendoza, This challenge will “test yourself physically and mentally but really the whole point is to raise money for a cause that you really support,” Mendoza said. 

Anyone can join this challenge, even if you dislike running. The 48 mile challenge was originally created for running but there are alternatives.

“The main goal is 4 byrun 48 miles and 48 hours. If you can’t do that, you can do alternatives. You can be on a stationary bike, you can walk 45 minutes,” Mendoza said. 

For those interested in learning more or want to join the 48 mile challenge, go online and search up David Goggins  4 by 4 by 48 where one can find blogs and learn more about the challenge.