Quote From Coach Brock Hime

ATU Track Symposium

PHOTO | Chris Morgan

The Tech’s track team has finished their indoor season and is now moving on to the outdoor season. What is the difference between the two seasons? How will this affect the team? I asked head coach Brock Hime for the answers;

“We had a good indoor season. Our goal was to use the winter to get stronger and set up our spring season for outdoor. For indoor, we saw most of the team hit marks that they were hitting at the end of their season last year, which we want to see right now. The weather is the biggest change that athletes have to prepare for as we transition to outdoor. The climate is controlled during the indoor season, which is great, but other elements impact race results outdoors. How these ladies train prepares them to compete at a high level regardless of outside factors, like the weather. Outdoor tends to be faster than indoor when the weather cooperates, so I believe they are ready to go with how our indoor went!”