Striving for Success – SAB’s Return Home From Georgia

Madison Starks With SAB

PHOTO | Jaci Palmer

On Oct. 2, the Student Activity Board’s executive committee returned home from an educational “vacation.”

The National Association of Campus Activities conference was hosted in Atlanta, Georgia, and welcomed thousands of students and faculty from campuses all over the southern United States, including the contingent from Tech.

The conference provided an interactive learning environment with speakers, opportunities and connections to be made.

“It truly didn’t feel like work because we were having a blast,” Madison Starks, vice president of SAB, said.

“There were moments we would get back to the hotel and collapse because we were so exhausted. Our social batteries would be drained by the end of the day, but we fell asleep with smiles on our faces and excitement for the next day.”

NACA provides a networking experience where students from various locations travel to gather resources for the next group of students that will be taking over their position in their college’s version of SAB. In response to why this group traveled to this conference, Starks said, “in a way, we’re getting resources for the next executive committee so we can make sure they’re set to succeed. We make connections with potential resources and get information for speakers and events we would love to bring to Tech.”

Starks said the conference was a great way for students from across the country to bond and make valuable connections.

“I truly learned that everyone’s striving for the same goal: to better their campus and create exciting experiences with the information they’ve learned at NACA,” Madison stated. “I’ll look back on this trip with these amazing people and cherish it forever.”