Snow Day Priorities: Classes Cancelled but Games Still Played?

Niko Gosnell, Wonder Poys Basketball Player

Photo | Margarita Lopez

Last week the Arkansas Tech campus was covered with a crisp white layer of slippery ice and powdery snow. Like much of the state, Tech shut down for a couple of days due to inclement weather. Classes were canceled and instructed to not go virtual, and all but the cafeteria was closed.

Because of this, The Arka Tech editorial board found it to be unusual that several athletic events were not canceled. After all, if weather conditions were too severe for students to get their education, why was it not too severe for a sporting event?

The Arka Tech editorial board discussed the emphasis that Tech puts on athletics. We believe that sports are an important feature of a University. Athletic events bring revenue to the school and provide scholarships that enable many students to get an education that they otherwise may not be able to afford. Athletic events also boost student morale and school spirit, which is important for a cohesive and happy student body.

The Arka Tech editorial board also agreed that most sports only have so long of a season, and scheduling is a very difficult thing to work around. It requires planning on parts of more than one school, as well as on the students involved.

However, Arka Tech also believes that academics and student safety are just as important as sports. As a board of students, we appreciate our fair share of snow days. However, we think that it is important for academic programs and athletic programs to receive an appropriate amount of prioritization. We also believe that it is unfair to expect student-athletes to face weather conditions too harsh for the school to be open. The health and wellness of students are more important than the revenue they bring in. Games can be replaced, students cannot.

    Overall, The Arka Tech editorial board thinks it is important to watch and discuss what the school emphasizes. Colleges should strive to give students the best experience possible. We believe that part of ensuring this is prioritizing academics and student safety.