Students Sent Phishing Emails

Phishing Email

Photo | Stomchak | Creative Commons

The Office of Information Systems was notified of an email scam targeting the ATU email system on Sept. 30. These emails aim to get personal information from you, like your ID, password, or bank account.

These emails are phishing emails which means an email sent by someone pretending to be someone else. Some of the emails offer students jobs with a start pay of $200 to $400 a week; they ask for your bank account information, and they will empty the account.

“Email addresses, unfortunately, are everywhere, and people post them everywhere. Companies and universities follow a pattern. Once this pattern is known, then computers can generate lists that fit the way. Then bulk emails are sent, hoping that most are valid addresses and someone will respond with the requested information,” Chris Moss, Tech information security officer, said.

The best way to stop this is through education, not giving them information and reporting it. “These emails are dangerous because anything from your credit to your reputation can be ruined when you give out personal information online,” Moss said.

To report a phishing email on OneTech, click on the three dots, go to security options and click on a phishing email.

“If you are being asked for information, always ask yourself does this person/company need to know this information; let us take passwords, for example. The university, your bank, or email provider do not need to know your password. Why do you ask? Because they control the system and because they control the system, they can do whatever needs to be done to your account without your password. I know that sounds scary, but it is true,” Moss said.

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