Suns Gear Up for Golf Season

Golden Suns Golf Team

PHOTO | @atuwomensgolf

The Golden Suns golf team will enter their championship season with the Harding Classic on Feb. 28 in Cabot. 

“We have a lot of depth in returners, who have a lot of experience. With the players being able to have a COVID year, we have technically four seniors on the team right now,” women’s and men’s head golf coach, Luke Calcatera, said.

“This is a team that made match play at the national championship last year, which is the top eight at the national championship move on to match play. I’m excited about having a veteran team back that won regionals last season, and steadily improved throughout the year.”

“Spring is our championship season and we’re just excited to see what we can accomplish,” Calcatera said.  

With a returning team of experience, you can expect to see consistency in their play. Junior Jacqueline Klemm, of Kelkheim, Germany, was named All-American last year and has stood out in practice.

“[Klemm] is consistently there and you can see it in the effort she puts forth in practice. Also, her mind and the way she approaches strategy on the golf course, I feel like is very advanced and is something that has helped her a lot; she is definitely one of the team leaders we have,” Calcatera said. 

Another player that sticks out to Calcatera is junior May Buranasiri, of Bangkok, Thailand. 

“She [Buranasiri] does not need to be pushed or need to be motivated to work harder. The way that she does things in the classroom is the same way she does on the golf course,” Calcatera said. “Just another one of the team leaders just self-motivated and driven to be successful, it’s just her personality.”

Freshman Orla O’Leary, of Galashiels, Scotland, has improved just since last semester. Calcatera said she has undertaken a weight training program and has been going to work in the weight room on her own. Calcatera said she has gotten an extra 30 yards off the tee from last semester to now. 

“You don’t look toward the end of the year too much, because you’re focused on getting prepared for our first event. The goal that this team is capable of is winning a national championship, so if you were going to ask me what my main goal would be, it would be to accomplish that,” Calcatera said.

“One thing we talked to the team about is being at the conclusion of our season and knowing that we did everything we could to accomplish what our goals are.”