The Doctor and The Dragonborn II

Plague Doctor with Plants

GRAPHIC | Johnan Mitchell

Embith lived outside of the protective city walls by the Great Lake Chioma, named after the goddess of the hunt. He lived a simple life in his cabin where he caught wild game from the surrounding forest, and local fish in the lake and the river that emptied into it. The fertile soil allowed a variety of herbs and spices to be grown on the lakeside,  and many of the local potion makers often gather their supplies there.

While Embith mostly ignored them, there was one that had caught his eye. A short, chubby doctor who wore a raven mask. She wore a white cloak with a purple pattern on it. The pattern was very similar to the Great House of Cure, a medical college in the capital city. This place is where they trained special potion makers known as the Plague Doctors. This class of potion makers specialized in potions that pertained to healing and curing multiple diseases.

Some of the higher-ranking doctors could even cure curses, such as Lyphorcan. This fact is what draws Embith to the short, chubby Doctor Thore. In his thirty-year trip around the sun, he only met the Doctors once during his time as an adventurer.

He would often watch her collect the herbs precisely and she seemed to know what she was doing, unlike the other potion makers. Too many of the poor saps have either killed themselves or others from making the wrong combinations. From what he gathered, the local lord got tired of these false potion makers and asked the House to send one of their own.