Thoughts From a Coach – Jasmine Bruce

Jasmine Bruce

Where there is a team, there are cheerleaders rooting them on. There is no denying that spirit squads are an important staple for every school that has a sport. But that is not the only thing that they are known for. Head spirit squad coach Jasmine Bruce weighs in on the situation:

“The spirit squads lead the fans in supporting the teams at football, basketball, and volleyball games. They serve as ambassadors not only at athletic events, but also at many different school functions. In addition, the spirit squads gladly participate in their community by volunteering at local schools, charity events, and youth organizations. Being a proud part of the ATU spirit program is more than just a year round commitment. It means dedication from each member to maintain the school spirit of the students, the alumni, and the fans. The spirit program members’ take pride in knowing that they are an essential part of such a wonderful tradition.”