West Goes East to Salem

Matthew West During Play

PHOTO | Johnan Mitchell

Matthew West is a senior from Batesville, Arkansas majoring in Game and Interactive media design and communications theater.

West first got involved in theater through Christmas productions at churches he attended as a child. Although, his passions began in his junior year of high school.

In Batesville High School’s “Guys and Dolls” production, West played the second lead male. From there, he was happy to jump from character to character in whatever production he got cast in.

West plays the role of John Proctor, a farmer, estranged follower of Christ, and a less-than-faithful husband in the Crucible. Proctor is a man who tries desperately to do what is right but, in the end, makes the wrong decisions for the right reasons.

This is West’s first non-musical lead role.

“A good portion of my memorization skills pertains to the music in a production as I am more familiar with musicals,” said West. “The lack of music in this production means I have had to put a lot more time and effort into memorizing my part.”

West is vice president of the Game Design club and the game caster for the Overwatch Esports teams in the ATUEsports club.

Outside of the time he spends preparing for the play and in clubs, West likes to spend his time using various forms of artistic expression. He spends the rest of his free time in the gym or playing videos to relax.

West also enjoys playing guitar, piano, and a trumpet when he has the time.

“The play is my priority now; keeping up with classes has never been a problem for me,” said West. “I just make sure I can work out a few times a week and have a few hours a day to work on homework and relax, and I am all good.”

West is currently writing his play. He hopes to finish it next semester.

Depending on West’s plans after graduation in May, he might propose it here at Tech next fall.

West is still deciding what he wants to do after graduation.

“I have one of two plans depending on how things go across the next semester,” said West. “The first plan is to remain here for a bit and hopefully take a job working for the theater on campus. The other plan is to move to Austin, Texas and work for a game studio to gain experience before I eventually leave to open my own company.”