‘Focusing on Trans Joy’ – Student Film to Take Auditions

Until April

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The Tech unaffiliated student film, known as “Until April,” will be doing auditions at the train depot in downtown Russellville on Saturday, January 28 from 1 to 8 pm.

The film is written by Freshman Woody Wallace, Junior Zach Zolliecoffer, and Junior Adrian Demaggio, and will be co-directed by Wallace and Zolliecoffer.

The planning process has been in the works for several months now. Currently, there are five supporting roles and 15 extras to be cast.

Inspiration for the writing of the film will pull from Wallace’s experience as a man who is transgender.

“Zach reached out to me earlier this year about wanting to make a short film. We started talking about a film to portray the trans experience. Most films starring trans people are really negative. We wanted to focus on trans joy, showing them with a happy ending,” Wallace said.

The story follows a trans masculine individual named August and the challenges of adulthood. The story kicks off with a letter from August’s biological aunt and becomes a journey of friendship and self-discovery.

The co-directors stressed the importance of identity as one of the main themes in the film.

“[August] just realizes he doesn’t know himself. As a way to learn more, he embarks on an adventure. His goal is not to discover his identity, but it is something he learns about himself,” Zolliecoffer said.

Wallace highlights the disconnect between cisgender people telling stories about the trans experience, and how the lives of trans people are far more varied than what is typically displayed in film and media.

“A lot of August is little details that trans people would relate to about identity. Being trans is far more nuanced than what is typically portrayed.” Wallace said. Zolliecoffer continued, “Trans media is not portrayed the best it could be. It is important to do it justice.”

The estimated run time is about 40 minutes. Zolliecoffer states that filming will typically take place on the weekends, which adds to the amount of time needed. The goal is to have the film finished by the end of the 2023 spring semester.

The film will be funded through Zollicoffer’s own money, with a crowdfunding campaign currently in the works. According to Zolliecoffer, SPECTRUM, Tech’s LGBTQ+ advocacy RSO, is also supporting the film.

Wallace and Zolliecoffer call for help and support for the film and the subject matter within.

“The biggest thing [we need] right now is support. Especially because of the area we are in. I do not think this film will change people’s minds [about trans people], but hopefully we’re able to portray the trans experience and relate to people,” Zolliecoffer said. “The best way to help is to spread the word about us and what we are doing.”

Students interested in supporting can follow the film on Instagram and Twitter at @untilaprilfilm, and like and share the co-directors’ content.