Professional golfers arrive hours before their events to stretch, practice on the driving range and mentally prepare for their tournaments. While the preparation and sheer talent of these athletes are amazing, the average weekend golfer also possesses interesting unique abilities that separate themselves from many. 

Few sports allow the participant to arrive moments before starting their round, take one practice swing that sends every vertebra they have cracking and popping like a Fourth of July celebration and launch the first of many shots flying out of bounds while friends in the group laugh and joke. 

Golf allows just the environment for this. The game is interesting because it is played with the same equipment, balls, courses and strategy as the greatest professionals in the world. At any given time, the player could strike the ball perfectly resulting in the greatest shot of their career, or watch their ball soar into one of the many water hazards protecting the course. Some players play their entire lives looking for the elusive hole-in-one while others defy the odds and make history during their first round. 

The golf course serves as a place for people to gather, enjoy the outdoors and create a competitive environment between themselves, the course and those playing alongside. Many friendships, business opportunities and memories are made on the short grass. Golfers can choose to walk the courses if they are searching for a more physically daunting outing, or simply ride around in carts provided by the course for ease and enjoyment. 

Golf can be frustrating. Finding a swing that fits your style of play may seem impossible but with enough practice and a few four-letter words, you can enjoy the game by playing it correctly. Thousands of instructors will try to sell you on the idea of their failproof approach on how to score lower or never hit a bad shot. The reality of this is you are going to struggle as a beginner and that’s okay. Learn from every shot and try to find a swing that feels comfortable to you and recreate that feeling in each shot. 

Russellville has several golfing options to choose from in the surrounding area. Russellville Country Club has an 18-hole course with great elevation changes and views. Gala Creek Golf Course and Country Club in Pottsville, provides another great course for the public. The open layout makes it great for a beginner or someone looking for a flatter experience. The course is known for its unique Par 6 hole.