‘Do Revenge’ Does It Better

Do Revenge Graphic

GRAPHIC | Tara Espinoza

We all know that teenagers can be brutal. I mean, we all survived high school.  But have you ever wondered just how spiteful they can be? Netflix’s original movie “Do Revengedoes just that, and takes teenage rage to soaring new heights.

The movie follows two stunning protagonists, starring “Riverdale” star Camilla Mendez as Drea, and “Stranger Things” star Maya Hawke as Eleanor, as they navigate a snobbish and judgmental private school.

The two girls meet by chance and after a mental breakdown in the women’s restroom. They decide to get back at those who have wronged them. But they weren’t punishing their own enemies; they decided to “do revenge” on each other’s wrongdoers, with plenty of betrayal, heartbreak and jaw-dropping moments.

Although the plot is compelling and fun, where “Do Revenge” shines is within its performances. Mendez’s character highlights her talent of perfectly portraying a classic “mean girl” character while still captivating the audience’s sympathy. Hawke’s character was absolutely thrilling, chilling and possibly one of her best performances yet.

Paired with an impressive soundtrack, “Do Revenge” is a fantastic choice for a stay-at-home weekend for lovers of early 2000’s comedy/drama films such as “Mean Girls,” while adding a more sinister feel akin to “Heathers.” 

“Do Revenge” is a dark comedy that we didn’t know we were missing, reviving a genre that has been absent for far too long. When it comes to Netflix originals, “Do Revenge” does it better.