Roller Skating: A Timeless Classic That Should Be Done More

Roller Skate

GRAPHIC | Johnan Mitchell

A weekend out on the town in Russellville, Arkansas tends to lend itself to hanging out at a random house close to the university. However, I propose we bring back a long dead tradition, Roller skating.

Currently, Russellville is home to one roller skating rink, and to be honest, it would be a fun way to spend an afternoon if more people were into the idea of rolling around to top 40 hits.

When it comes to roller skating, there has been a bit of resurgence in outdoor skating. This in itself is fun, but does not lend itself well to beginners or people who are not interested in buying their own skates to have fun.

My opinion comes from a nostalgia base. My grandfather and mother are prolific roller skaters, and for every one of their birthdays, as well as mine, I would see myself strapped into used roller skates at a rink in uptown Springdale.

Nostalgia aside, feeling the climate controlled A/C in one’s hair is very fun while streaking (or stumbling) around a rink.

I propose that more people try roller skating. It is a great date idea, as well as a good way to hang out and listen to music with friends. If you prefer to roll solo, you could do it alone as well.

It is a great way to clear one’s head, rolling around and paying attention to balancing. It is certainly worth trying out.