Don’t Miss the Titan Train!

Attack on Titan Promotional Art

Editor’s Note:  This story is spoiler-free and only mentions the basic plot elements for “Attack on Titan.” 

If you have been on social media recently, the chances are that you have seen clips or references to a show known as Attack on Titan.” This is because the popular TV series is now in the middle of its last season, and fans are excited to see how the action-packed and plot-twist riddled story will end. However, the producers have decided to air the third part of the final season next year, in 2023. So now is the perfect time to dive into this fantastic show and join in the excitement before it ends.

If you are unfamiliar with the series, the story begins with a civilization of people who live inside three layers of walls. The world outside of those walls has been overrun with man-consuming monsters known as “titans.” These titans have destroyed all human life outside the walls, leaving those inside with barely over a medieval quality of life. 

The plot of the show follows the story of three main characters: Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. Eren is the primary driver of the plot with his adventurous spirit, hardheaded attitude, and goal of taking back the world outside the walls. Eventually, all three of the main characters join a military group known as the Scouts, whose mission is to explore the titan-infested wilderness and learn about the titans for the benefit of mankind. 

As you can expect, this series has a lot of action. The combat throughout the show is uniquely fluid and dynamic due to the character’s use of weaponized grappling equipment known as ODM gear. Moreover, the characters throughout the series lack plot armor, meaning that anyone can die at any time: leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. However, be prepared for blood and gore, as prevalent throughout the show. 

One of the main appeals to the show also comes with how its characters develop. As the series goes on, the character’s sense of what’s right and wrong evolves from simple childhood beliefs to a blurred and harsh view of reality. As more truth is discovered, reality changes and the characters are forced to make hard choices. 

All of this leads up to the final season, where everything and everyone are at their breaking point. Drastic decisions are made, friends are killed and betrayed, and morality is questioned to the extreme.

Unlike most anime, the art style in “Attack on Titan” takes advantage of a more reality-based appeal and uses colors that are not extremely vibrant. Moreover, the scenes are consistently smooth and maintain a high quality, even during high-velocity moments such as battles. 

Overall, “Attack on Titan” is a show that has surpassed the classic genre of shonen anime and has rumbled the world with its masterful storytelling and excellent animation. So, if you are looking for a show to binge over the summer, “Attack on Titan” is a must-watch and will leave you hungry for more.