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Russellville, Arkansas, is projected to have a casino by the end of 2022. We at the Arka Tech stand behind and support the implementation. We believe the economic impact, coupled with the proximity of Tech, will be good for Russellville.

Amendment 100, which would allow casinos to operate in Pope, Jefferson, Crittenden, and Garland counties, was passed in late 2018. While some groups fight to remove Pope County from this list, it is expected to remain.

We believe the casino will be good for our economy here in Russellville. Gambling winnings are taxable, and casinos work in the same way that all other business taxes work. This means that they would be split up, and a portion would go to the city, a portion to the county, and the state.

This influx of income can be used for many overhaul projects around Russellville. Such as helping the local school districts, fixing roads and bridges, and doing other things to make the city beautiful.

The tourism surrounding Russellville would increase. Considering only four other counties in Arkansas would have casinos, this would make Russellville a hotspot for tourism. More tourism would mean more businesses coming in; like shopping centers, restaurants, or bigger companies. In turn, this would give college students many different opportunities for jobs or even internships.

Having a large casino also means concerts and other related entertainment. Something to do on Friday nights is a struggle many college students cannot get around. This would give young adults an opportunity to enjoy nightlife, which can sometimes be difficult in the confines of Russellville.

With the bolstered economy, this would reflect back upon Tech. This economic expansion could mean more funding. This could reflect positively upon many of the college’s organizations, which are struggling in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Currently, the casino bids rest between an Arkansas Supreme Court decision and two contenders: Legend’s Resort and Casino, and Gulfside casino. Currently, Gulfside holds the bid.

No matter who wins the bid, we at The Arka Tech believe the implementation of a casino will propel Russellville into even more of an Arkansas hotspot.