From Warren to Wonderboy

Aidan Walking

PHOTO | Braden Jones

Arkansas Tech University is full of outstanding students and athletes; however, a small percentage of the student body makes up both of these demographics.

Freshman Aidan Reynolds is a percentage of the demographic that balances schoolwork, social life and being a collegiate athlete.

Reynolds is from a small town of around 6,000 in southeast Arkansas called Warren. This is where he formed his love for the game of baseball.

This same love has, in return, brought him to play for the Arkansas Tech Wonder Boys Baseball team. Reynolds is a PO, which is a pitcher only.

Reynolds has a fastball that can reach speeds near the mid-80s and a complementary curveball that leaves batters dumbfounded.

While he may spend a large portion of his time on the bump, he also is very active off the field.

When not pitching, Reynolds can be found taking classes for his major in Business Management. He also loves to spend time outdoors hunting and fishing. His favorite color is orange, a testament to his hometown’s pride in the orange and black Warren Lumberjacks.

He also loves to eat steak cooked perfectly medium rare whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Reynolds explains that his favorite athlete is his friend and former teammate, Treylon Burks. Burks is now a former first-round draft pick who plays for the Tennessee Titans.

Reynolds also explains he has a more significant motivation for playing baseball than just for himself.

“Don’t get me wrong, I work hard to play because I love the game, and I want to be the best I can be for myself, but I also want my seven-year-old little brother to have someone to look up to,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds has a hectic schedule but always makes time for his friends and family. Like many of the student-athletes on campus, he has a huge heart for his teammates and classmates.