Gone Away Weekend Part I

Gone Away Photo

PHOTO | Hannah Cates

“Erik! Buddy!”  

Dante yelled across the hall. I sighed and looked up from my phone as he raced through the people in the hall towards me.  

“What do you want, fool,” I said as he smiled from ear to ear. 

“Bro, I’m house-sitting tonight; no one’s going to be there AND the best part, no cameras!”  

“Aye, that’s my man, so what’s the plan? Party?”

“Nah, bro, I was thinking we invite a couple plus ones and hang out; it’s V-Day weekend, bro, you have a girl already, and I bet I can get Sasha. Been talking to her for a couple days now.”

“Good Idea! Chill weekend… sounds great!”


“Man, I hate that bell; it always sounds broken.” Dante and I share a final laugh and walk into class. I sit and stare at the clock for a while, waiting on the last bell of the day to ring so I can find Leila. This class seems to take forever on Fridays. Eventually, though, the bell rings, and I grab all my stuff and make a run for it to my meeting spot with Leila. Locker number 129 at the end of the hallway.  

“Leila! I have a proposal for you if you’re free tonight!” I said excitedly as I watched her walk up.

“Yeah, I’m free! What’s up?” 

“Hear me out, no adults, no cameras, free reign of a complete stranger’s house… Dante’s house sitting and invited us over. He’s bringing Sasha.”

“That sounds fun! What time?”

“He never said a specific time, so how about around seven?”

“Sounds good! I’ll see you soon.” She smiled, and we both went our separate ways. I walked home thinking about all the possibilities of this weekend. However, I should have asked myself… ‘What could go wrong?’ 

To be Continued…