Seventh International Film Festival

ATU Film Fest Flyer


The seventh annual International Film Festival is underway on campus. Starting on March 2 and lasting through March 17, eight films in four different languages will be shown during the festival. 

The festival’s purpose is to offer a glimpse of other cultures and ways of life. “We hope that we attract more interest for the foreign language. When COVID happened, we were limited, but now Tech is more open, we want more students to come out,” Philippe Van Houtte, associate librarian and event organizer, said. 

The world languages faculty at Tech selected the films, and the films cover languages in German, Spanish, French, and Japanese. Each film will have English subtitles for students who are not fluent in the language. 

“The event is open to all the students which is why we are showing the movie in both the original language and with subtitles. We want people to immerse in different cultures and be open-minded to cultural identity,” Van Houtte said.  

The festival is free and will be in Doc Bryan and begin at 7 p.m. on March 2. COVID guidelines are in place for the event. To learn more about the festival and the movies, visit